Who am I?

I am a passionate software developer currently working mainly with web technologies.

I enjoy learning and sharing (and this is why I post some content online.) If you have feedback to give me or want to talk to me, for whatever reason, please reach out. I will be grateful for any learning opportunity.

I am interested in a lot of things related to software development. Including best practices, architecture, tooling, deployment, documentation, knowledge sharing and team dynamics. (And I'll stop there because I won't be able to list everything.)

Want to contact me?

If you want to contact me, for any reason, you can either:

What to expect from this website?

This website is kind of an experiment.

I started to write with the primary goals of improving my technical writing skills and keep notes about things I encountered.

Then I heard about the concept of learning in public to both share back what we learn and get feedback. So I started to post public content to experiment.

And I found myself sharing links to things I had written about to help others. This is when I built this website to be an entry point to what I write or find interesting.

Most of what I do will still be published elsewhere. Probably on for posts and social networks for things I find interesting.


This website:

  • has a RSS feed where all my posts and resources I find interesting are included
  • is static (built with Eleventy)
  • does not use cookies. (I hate them all.)